Our Mission

We have many hopes for this organization. We have partnered with Gateway Community and Technical College to fund a nursing scholarship to deserving students in the area. Dee knew firsthand how hard it was to work, go to school, and continue to raise her family. We know the scholarship will at least ease some of that burden.

We also will be donating funds to The Christ Hospital Cancer Center. They have a program that helps families pay their bills while a loved one is going through life saving treatment. Only those who have experienced this can appreciate the magnitude of this gift. Taking financial problems off someone’s plate can allow them to concentrate fully on their fight.


We will be conducting community based programs aimed at helping the younger generation be more prepared to deal with the hardships life can bring. Preparing them at a younger age will allow them to avoid some of the pitfalls those hardships may bring. Educating young ones in life lessons can only make life easier for them.